Puppy Training Classes - Level One

Price - £90

For puppies up to six months of age.

7 week course - £90 - each class lasts 1¼ hrs.

Teaching practical commands.

All puppies must be fully vaccinated. Proof of vaccinations must be shown at the first class.

You will need to bring treats - no biscuits. From week three onwards, please bring a favourite toy and blanket.

Fun, unique classes at a good pace.

Training classes help to enhance the bond between you and your puppy whilst aiding you to work around distractions. Exercises are adapted individually for each puppy to suit their requirements. Positive, calm and enjoyable training for you and your dog using force - free methods.

There are up to seven puppies per class. Children are welcome to train their puppy within classes but must have an adult attending with them.

For course content or booking, please contact Sue.

Non - refundable deposits are required prior to starting a course. It is highly recommended that you watch a class before booking on. This is also a chance to meet Helen.

Click here for course locations and upcoming training course dates

If your puppy shows any sign of illness or has kennel cough, please contact Helen and do not attend classes or puppy socialisation. Please ensure you wait at least five days after a kennel cough vaccine before attending puppy class or socialisation.