Puppy Walk & Train

These walks are not currently taking place.
We'll let you when they will resume.

For puppies up to eight months of age only. Puppies must be fully vaccinated and allowed out and about.

Held at Emberton Country Park. Arrive from 9.10am. Start at 9.15am.

Held every Sunday. Meeting by the car entrance.

9.15am start, lasting approximately 1 hour, walk length will be age depending.

Training exercises and a walk around part of Emberton Country Park.

The session gives you the chance to work with your dog around other dogs where you may not normally get the chance. Well behaved children welcome.

This is a group training session, if you would like to have individual help or work with your dog please contact Helen for a one to one behaviour session or training classes.

Please bring treats and poo bags with you!

It is advised that you bring water with you for your dog.

There may be a charge to enter the park by car. This is not a charge for doggiedodoggiedon’t.