Behaviour - Dog to Dog Aggression

Such a patient and caring trainer. Both our dogs LOVE Helen, Boo in particular has come on leaps and bounds 'no animal pun intended ' at the first weeks class I was in tears as he was a total nightmare with every other dog he saw! But now I am not worried about taking him out at all. Helen really cares for the animals and goes well above and beyond to help.
(Lisa, Milton Keynes)

Puppy Training - Level One

Wonderful dog trainer, extremely professional and also lots of fun! Have really enjoyed puppy training level one. Would recommend to everyone.
(Heather, Milton Keynes)

Puppy One to One - Mouthing

I booked a one to one session with Helen as was having issues with my cocker spaniel mouthing. Helen was extremely professional throughout the time she was here. Helen covered so much with me in the session from nutrition to all aspects of training. ( Definitely what any new puppy owner needs). I can't recommend Helen enough as she has given me so much support. Thank you.
(Alex and Dexter)

Puppy Classes - Level One and Two

Helen is a very professional expert who is very passionate about dogs' well being so provides us owners with the best advice. Before I brought home my 8 weeks old vizsla puppy I searched for an obedience class in Milton Keynes and enrolled to the first one I found. In the meantime I met Helen and was thinking of enrolling with her instead but since I had no advice or experience about either class I attended the first one. It was a mistake! We completed the 6 weeks course as I don't like giving up half way then enrolled with Helen. We got to know her through the puppy socialisation parties which were invaluable as our little puppy was very shy with other dogs. We had a one to one session with a very thorough advice from diet to training and behaviour explanation. Pippa has now completed level 1 and very much looking forward to level 2. I can't recommend her enough if you care for your dog!

Puppy One to One, Puppy Classes Level One and Two

Helen offers lots of calm reassurance. Have had a home visit (to deal with young puppy biting, now resolved), have attended puppy parties and have just completed level 1 training. Signed up to do level 2. Really feel my 4.5 month lab has progressed massively. Highly recommended.
(Steph, Nr Olney)

Behaviour & Puppy Class

Being a dog groomer, I have met many dog 'trainers' over the years and none of them compare to Helen. She is always going the extra mile to accommodate me and my pooches and makes everything fun, understandable, interesting and affordable. She is passionate about her job and it really shows. I have 4 dogs and Helen has helped me better understand them all better. I would never trust anyone but Helen with my dogs. Helen rocks!
(Katie, Nr Milton Keynes)


Two weeks ago we were no longer confident to walk our dogs unless really late at night. Now we are out as often as we can at anytime of day eagerly looking for new walks to enjoy with our two dogs. Helen has helped us with simple easy changes that have made a huge difference to all of us, we are on our way to having two happy calm doggies.
(Donna, Nr Newport Pagnell)

Puppy One to One, Puppy Classes - Level One and Two

I can highly recommend using Helen, either for a home visit (we had two) and for training. We've never had a dog before and she has been able to advise us through the best way to deal with any issues that have arisen with our Boxer puppy! If something didn't work we would try something else and in Training she makes sure the whole group are happy with each command etc until she moves onto something else. I would say get her round before you even get a dog and after to help you move forward correctly with your new addition! Thanks Helen.
(Jo & Freddy, Milton Keynes)

Puppy Classes - Level One and Two

Just completed level 2 and Helen has been amazing again, I didn't think it was possible to feel this in control of my teeny tearaway. Each class is a treat, lots of training combined with personalised advice, I really feel we have built a solid foundation for our pup's future. Thanks Helen!
(Jo, Milton Keynes)


Fantastic! Helen has made me relax with my dog which has made him much nicer to be around. Offers excellent advice and really loves dogs.
(Sue, Nr Olney)

Behaviour - Human Aggression, Food Possession & Aggression. Miscommunication

We found Helen to be very professional in every aspect of our dogs and humans training. All of the dogs responded well to the different strategies which were used and for our rescue dog who is scared of everyone and everything it was as if Helen had known her for years. Helen was willing to listen to us as the owners and adapt and change strategies to work for our family unit. This meant we were able to progress towards the overall aim at a pace that suited us allowing us to get the most from her wide range of dog behavioural knowledge and expertise. Helen is caring, conscientious, approachable and if any problem arose she was always only a phone call away. We couldn't recommend her highly enough!
(Anita, Dave & Kirsty – Bailey, Bella & Boo - Isle of Wight)

Puppy Classes - Level One

We're half way through puppy class and had our first 1 to 1 home visit with Helen last night. Helen really takes the time to understand your dog's needs and build up a personalised training plan. We've been very impressed with her knowledge of dog psychology and her hands on approach to training. We're not able to make all of the puppy classes but still consider the upfront fee excellent value for money and have seen our pup benefit more from 2 classes with Helen than the entire previous course we completed with another trainer. Really can't recommend Helen highly enough.
(Nick, Buckingham)

Puppy Classes - Level One

If you want practical helpful advise that will last you a life time, this is the place to go! Helen's classes are are exactly what you need to help you deal with a lil fluffy nightmare running around your house. The classes are longer than the average in MK, meaning Helen not only has time to teach your doggie the standard tricks, (sit, down, stay, leave, drop, heal etc) but also time to answer all the questions about food, toilet training, puppy behaviour, aggression, nervousness or any other issues that might pop up.Can't wait to start level 2!!!
(Adam, Milton Keynes)

Puppy Classes - Level One

Chewie just passed his level 1 with Helen. I cannot say enough good things about Helen. The puppy socialisation had been amazing - Chewie was so scared at first and now he is like a different dog! And the level 1 classes were great - I could really understand why I was training him on certain elements and got good practice on how to use commands in their different essential ways e.g. leave it; when something drops in front of him, when something is offered to him he shouldn't have, when he passes something he shouldn't have, etc. Helen is supportive, fun and knowledgeable and I'm sad my level 1 is over although looking forward to my level 2! :)
(Rebecca, Milton Keynes)

Puppy Classes - Level One

Ruby Tuesday thought her level 1 puppy classes were fantastic. Her favourite parts were 'leave it', 'look', her pal Chewie and her beloved trainer, Helen! The combination of small classes, pragmatic training and a trainer who took time to find out what worked with each dog, meant that Ruby quickly learnt some key skills (even if she was sometimes too stubborn to use them!). I would definitely recommend Helen's classes and will be booking Ruby on her level 2 soon. Thanks Helen!
(Aimee, Milton Keynes)

Puppy Classes - Level One

I first met Helen at the Emberton focus walks with my Patterdale-River. I only did a few walks before River gave birth! 6 month old Wander has just completed her stage one training and I'm amazed at how well she has done! Wander loves the sessions and has also been to a few puppy parties which gives her the chance to socialise with other pups with as much energy as her! Helen is fantastic at her job and makes sure she spends time with each individual dog giving the best support and guidance to get the best from your dog! Me and wander can't wait to start stage 2.
(Rachel, Milton Keynes)

Puppy Classes - Level One

Love Helen's training style! Patient and effective with us humans and the dogs have a great time! The training is straight forward and effective and easy to implement at home. Love it!
(Sarah, Olney)